Corporate identity number

Corporate identity number

Company CIN , also known as

Company CIN number or company CIN No is a unique number which is assigned by registrar of company (ROC) which are working across india in different states under ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) government of india. Corporate identity number is a 21 digits alpha—numeric code which is issued to companies incorporated within the country on being registered by the ROC working in different states across india.

Q)How does it works?

After the formation of a company registrar of company (ROC) issues a certificate which contains it unique corporate identification number (CIN No or CIN code) added to its approved name. All company must quote this unique company CIN No ,whenever a corresponding or data submitted to ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) in specific in audits and reports.

CIN number, which is unique in its kind thus it helps revealing identity of a company also helps I. Finding basic and important information of a corporate entity.

Q)how can one know about its proof in physical?

A sample certificate of incorporation of a private limited company is given for references which contain corporate identity number just after the title “certificate of incorporation ”

Q)How can a CIN number be useful?

The corporate identity number or CIN code is basically a 21 digit number (these 21 digits/numbers contain alpha -numeric code) this number is issued to all the companies which are Incorporated in india when it finally gets registered with registrar of company (ROC) which are located across india in various states , cin number is unique and helps to identify or track each of the company for various stages of information that hold a with ROC /MCA. The cin code has its own meaning can be easily translated and helps in finding the basic information of a particular company.

Breaking the cin code particularly has four important information as you can see the sample certification of incorporation given above

  1. Year of incorporation (2002)
  2. State code (kl -Kerala)
  3. Specification of The company (PTC-private limited company )
  4. Listing status (u-unlisted)

Decoding the CIN code

Now if you look at the number a bit closer then you will realise there are 21 digits and these digits can be broken down into six parts however these six parts have a particular significance

Part-1: stock market listing status –

The first letter of the company shows whether the company is listed or unlisted that means If a company is listed on stock exchange therefore if the company is listed on stock exchange it will start will letter “L” and if the company is not listed it will start with letter “U”

part-2 classification of economic activity

The another set for 5 digits in the code will specify the economic activity of the company , this means the nature of work or economic activity to be carried out by the establishment, it is classified into:-

(Section – division – group – class – sub _ class) ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) has its own categorization in this regards.

Part-3 state code

Next 2 alphabets reveal the state code of the registered office exists and which registrar of company in reference to the state in which the company has been registered

part-4 year of incorporation

Next 4 digits in the code reveal the year of incorporation or the date on which company official started.

part-5 type of the company

Next 3 digits in the code shows what kind of company it is -private limited company , public limited company and LIP etc.

As you can see the image which is given above that will help you to link the text with actual number this article is in regards with company vakil – -(

Part-6 company registration number

The last six digits of the code reveal registration number, the registration number includes the code of (ROC) Registrar of company that company has been registered.

Abbreviation used in the company cin no code and their meaning.

  1. FLC-financial lease company as public limited
  2. FTC-subsidiary of a foreign company as private limited company
  3. GAP-general association public
  4. GAT-general association private
  5. GOI- companies owned by gov’t of india
  6. NPL- not for profit license company
  7. PLC- public limited company
  8. PTC- private limited company
  9. SGC- companies owned by state government
  10. ULL-public limited company with unlimited liability
  11. ULT- private limited company with unlimited liability

Q)where CIN number has to be mentioned ?

For every public and private limited , the company which is established in india and registered with ministry of corporate affairs (mca) need to quote its company identification number on various documents which includes following

  • On invoice and receipts
  • On notice
  • On letterheads
  • Annual reports
  • Every e-form on the MCA portal
  • Any other publications


Company CIN No is a unique number which is assigned by (ROC) which are working across india under (MCA) CIN is a 21 digits alpha—numeric code which is issued to companies incorporated within the country on being registered by the ROC working in INDIA

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