Trademark Registration

Trademark: TM, R and C Symbol

Trademark: TM, R and C Symbol TM, R and C image are much of the time utilized with a trademark or copyright to show certain parts of a licensed innovation enrollment. Coming up next are […]

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Unregistered trademark

Unregistered trademark A registered Trademark is governed by the trademarks act 1999 where as an unregistered trademark is governed by common law trademark act but an unregistered trademark does not safeguard against infringement. The commerce […]


What are trademark classes?

Trademark registration and it’s importance—– Trademark registration in India is done by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademark, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. Is trademark registration in India online and […]

Trademark classes 5

Trademark Class 5: Pharmaceuticals

Trademark is applied or registered under class and each class contains unique goods and services classified by WIPO ( Word intellectual property organization ). Following are the details to class 5 and all the goods […]