Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company versus LLP

Private Limited Company versus LLP Numerous Entrepreneurs beginning another business are interested about the comparison between a Private Limited Company and LLP. The two elements offer numerous comparable highlights required to run a business, while […]


Private Limited Company Tax Rate for 2017

Private Limited Company Tax Rate for 2017 Private limited organization is the most favored kind of business substance in India. Every year about a lakh of organizations are fused in India. All private restricted organizations […]


Priority Sector Lending

Priority Sector Lending The Reserve Bank of India has issued various rules on priority sector lending to banks for boosting the measure of loan endorsed to specific classifications of borrowers. According to the Priority Sector […]


Restrictions on Sweat Equity shares

The equity shares issued by a company directly to their directors and employees at a relatively higher discount for the availability of certain intellectual rights of its property (Copyright, trademark, other value addition) is known […]

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Company Registration

Tips to Start a Business in India

Young India is getting want to lead! We don’t want to work like our parents, do we? The usual 9 to 5 job and the monotonous lifestyle is a major turn off for all young […]

Private Limited Company

Types of companies in India

The word Company signifies any element framed under the Companies Act, 2013. Many people compare word with a Private Limited Company; nonetheless, a type of company in India could comprehensively be a Private Limited Company […]

Company registration status check


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is an Indian Government Ministry primarily dealing with company registration, company administration and record-keeping of private limited, public limited, limited liability partnerships and one-person companies. It deals with regulation of […]