start up

Tips to Start a Business in India

Young India is getting want to lead! We don’t want to work like our parents, do we? The usual 9 to 5 job and the monotonous lifestyle is a major…

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OPC Company for Startup

Why Choose One Person Company Registration for Startup

The year of 2013 came as a ray of hope for independent, ambitious, risk- oriented individuals in India. With the passage of Companies Act,2013(Amendment) One Person Company was incorporated under…

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documents for OPC company

Required Documents for OPC Company Registration

A One Person Company which is commonly known as OPC came into existence with its incorporation under 2 (62) of the amendment of Companies Act,2013 reads as “”One Person Company…

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OPC Compliance & Annual Filing

One Person Company (OPC) Compliance & Annual Filing

A one-person company is regarded as a hybrid between a sole proprietorship & company form of business, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 15 directors. Prior to…

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Director identification number (DIN) in Detail.

WHAT IS DIRECTOR IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (DIN) Director identification number or DIN is required for registration for incorporating a company or become a director of an existing company in India. Procedure…

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How to register a one person company

How to Register a One Person Company?

One-person company is a hybrid form of sole proprietorship and company form of business. In this company there is a requirement of only one director or shareholder instead of previous…

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OPC registration

Advantages and Disadvantages of One Person Company

Before the amendment of 2013 in Companies Act in 2013, if you thought of opening a private needed at least one more person to do that as the law of…

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opc vs Private Limited Company

Difference between One Person Company and Private Limited Company

The law relating to companies and registration of companies in India is dealt with under the Companies Act of 2013. The act deals with the regulation and incorporation of various…

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OPC Registration India

One Person Company Registration Process In India

In India, through the Companies Act, 2013 the concept of One Person Company was introduced to support entrepreneurs having an idea and the capability to execute them on their own…

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