A Guide On Appointment of Directors under the Companies Act, 2013

Introduction:Appointment of Directors  A director may be defined as an individual who directs, controls and manages the affairs and functioning of a company. A director is a person who is…

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copyrights law for IT

Copyright Law for Information Technology in India

This 21st century, in which we are currently living, is an age of globalization and is often known as the digital age. There are quite a few reasons why this…

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Music Copyright Law India

Cinematograph Films Copyright Law in India

A Cinematograph film is defined as any visual work that has been recorded on any medium. The process followed for this recording is that it uses a moving image accompanied…

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Music copyright process india

Music Copyright Process in India

Art is pure and can inspire one to greatness or can create havoc inside an individual and every kind of art is valued by its owner at a great price….

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Copyright registration

Advantages of Copyright Registration

We have seen a number of legal battles happen over various copyright issues lately in the news so today we’ll be discussing how to avoid those legal battles by seeking…

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