Corporate identity number

Corporate identity number Company CIN , also known as Company CIN number or company CIN No is a unique number which is assigned by registrar of company (ROC) which are…

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State of the Small Companies According to the Companies Act, 2013

Small company has always existed in India right from its emergence. To help those smaller businesses, the Companies Act has been established in the year 2013 so that the small…

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Small Business Ideas Recommendations in India

It is fascinating to see how quickly the small companies are coming up with new business ideas in India especially with the expanding middle class and availability of internet connection…

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Share Certificate for the Shareholders

    A share certificate is a piece of document that serves an evidence for the ownership of the shareholder in a company. After the incorporation is done, the certificate…

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Form 32 of SPICe: Assisting in Incorporating Company

Form 32 of SPICe has been introduced recently by the MCA, short for Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This form is a simplified pro-forma which is being used to incorporate the…

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Dormant Company Registration

Dormant Company Registration For availing specific exemptions from obligatory compliance, registration of a Limited Company or Private Limited Company or One Person Company as a dormant company is necessitated. This…

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start up

Tips to Start a Business in India

Young India is getting want to lead! We don’t want to work like our parents, do we? The usual 9 to 5 job and the monotonous lifestyle is a major…

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Private limited company

Alteration of the name of Private Limited Company

For the establishment of their identity, private firms are supposed to change their names. At the outset, the various justification for the course of modification of an entity can be…

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share capital

Types of Share Capital

It is very important to classify the share capital of any company into various kinds at the time of displaying it within the financial statements. This article will cover the…

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subsidiary company

Subsidiary Company

The subsidiary company is any company whose interests are held and controlled or held by another company. Paid up equity share capital and preference share capital of the subsidiary company…

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