OPC Company for Startup

Why Choose One Person Company Registration for Startup

The year of 2013 came as a ray of hope for independent, ambitious, risk- oriented individuals in India. With the passage of Companies Act,2013(Amendment) One Person Company was incorporated under…

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documents for OPC company

Required Documents for OPC Company Registration

A One Person Company which is commonly known as OPC came into existence with its incorporation under 2 (62) of the amendment of Companies Act,2013 reads as “”One Person Company…

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OPC Compliance & Annual Filing

One Person Company (OPC) Compliance & Annual Filing

A one-person company is regarded as a hybrid between a sole proprietorship & company form of business, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 15 directors. Prior to…

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How to register a one person company

How to Register a One Person Company?

One-person company is a hybrid form of sole proprietorship and company form of business. In this company there is a requirement of only one director or shareholder instead of previous…

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OPC registration

Advantages and Disadvantages of One Person Company

Before the amendment of 2013 in Companies Act in 2013, if you thought of opening a private needed at least one more person to do that as the law of…

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Documents for Patent

Documents Required for Patent Filing in India

Applying for a patent is a process is never regarded as a cake walk due to the vast amount of information and documents required in order to file the patent…

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Apply for Patent in India

How to apply for patent in India?

A patent is regarded as the protection granted by the law to an innovation from being sold, distributed, traded, manufactured or imported without the consent of the patentee, giving them…

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Patent filling India

When Should I Consider Filing Patent in India

In the day and age where it is regarded that even the wheel can be reinvented, patent filing has become more necessary than ever. A patent can be understood in…

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importance of Patent Registration

Why Patent Registration is Important in India

Registering for a patent in India is viewed as a long and rather hectic process, but should not be disregarded by any means. Patent registration is viewed as the process…

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Step by Step Guide for How to Get Patent in India

A patent can be understood as the exclusive rights solely given to a person or entity who applies for an inimitable invention created giving the patentee sole rights and the…

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