A Guide On Kotak Bank Net Banking


The following article will detail the steps regarding Kotak Bank Net Banking. By following the steps given below, you will learn how to add the SIP number, short for Systematic Investment Plan, through Kotak Bank Net Banking.

The Following Steps:

Step 1: First visit the website of the Kotak Net banking page.

Step 2: You have to Login by typing in all the information required to do so. The credentials have to be entered into the account.

Step 3: Then, you have to go to the Recharge, or the Bill Pay, section

Step 4:  Select the option -Click here to add a biller

Step 5: Choose the option called “Mutual Funds”

Step 6: Select your preferred Mutual Fund Company with which you will like to connect. For example: “The Axis Mutual Fund ISIP”

Step 7: The above steps will lead you to the details screen of the biller. You have to input the following information in there.

  • Input any nick name with which you will identify the SIP (for example, Axis SIP)
  • Type in the URN (Unique Registration Number) for the fund that has been shared with you
  • Set the Autopay as Yes
  • Set the Bill amount as “Pay full amount”
  • Select the “pay via bank account”
  • From the drop down list, choose the account number
  • Press the “Add biller” to save

Step 8: In order to add the biller in, press “confirm”

And you are done.

Kotak Bank Net Banking is very beneficial for the users. It is secure, paperless and hassle-free. Since all of the investments have to go through the account of net banking, it remains safe and secure. There is no need to put signature on any checks or to send away any documents. The paperless process makes it quick and risk free. Furthermore, the investment are done online and automatically. So, it a very simple and user-friendly method.

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