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  • company registration in one day
    Company Registration

    How To Incorporate a Company in One Day

    Company registration can be a tedious process. However, with the right guidance and following the correct procedure, it can be made very easy. With the age of digitalization and the government taking steps in a more modern approach to providing [...]
  • LLP vs Private Limited Company
    Company Registration

    Difference between LLP Company and Private Limited Company

    The Companies Act, 2013 lays down specific guidelines and provisions for all processes related to companies to be followed within the territory of India. All topics, beginning from basic requisites, compositions, incorporation, registration, etc. are dealt with in this Act. [...]
  • Trademark in India: Law and Procedure
    Trademark Registration

    Trademark in India: Law and Procedure

    For companies and businesses, the effort that is put in by the employees and the founders goes beyond just mental effort and physical energy that they use, it is also a big financial risk. A business is not easy to [...]
  • The Nithari case is one of the most horrific cases of 2006. The village of Nithari is located at Noida (Delhi). In this case, horrible crimes such as sexual abuse, murder, cannibalism, and attempted necrophilia were committed. Due to the brutal and rare nature of the crimes, the case took [...]
  • In the Finance Bill, 2016, many changes occurred. Among the highlights were the increase in service taxes from 12.36% to 14% withdrawal of education cessation and secondary and higher education cessation and the inclusion of the Swachh Bharat cess (SWC) and the Krishi Kalyan cessation (KKC). Swachh Bharat Cess and [...]
  • It is said that there is a requirement of lawyers as long as there are people. In this globalizing age, It is likely to gain further strength as more lawyers are required to deal with cases arising from trademarks and related disputes due to the development of the importance of [...]
  • The open and distance learning system in India has become an important way of educating the various sectors of society. In addition, the changing dynamics of the open- distance learning system have been encouraging in the past six decades. As has already been said, the temporal and spatial limits have [...]
  • Online Revenge Porn means that when relationship breakdowns occur, either party takes nude images of others or videos of their intimate moments on social media, blogs and other websites. Online Revenge Porn is rising worldwide with the arrival of an open Internet arena. In India, most online porn is amateur [...]
  • The management of the railways is not only limited to the operation of the railway, it is more than that. The functioning of the railways also includes problems such as the loss or damage to the goods of train passengers, Non- delivery of goods, thefts, injury- causing accidents and deaths [...]
  • In this article we will examine in detail the procedure for the registration of Rajasthan marriage and the procedure for obtaining Rajasthan marriage certificate. Marriages in the Rajasthan State are governed by the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 or the Special Marriage Act of 1954. Marriages can be registered online [...]
  • The conversion of land is a process of converting agricultural land into non- farming land. According to the 1992 Rules of the Conversion of Agricultural Land for Non- Agricultural Purposes in Rural Areas, agricultural land in Rajasthan can only be converted for residential, commercial purposes, such as trade or commerce, [...]
  • Professional tax is a form of tax imposed on people who earn their income by any means by the state governments. This tax should not be mistaken for its name, because the term ‘ professional’ normally refers to people like doctors, lawyers and others. Professional tax in Punjab shall be [...]
  • In India, Ecommerce Business is one of the growing industries and many online sellers want to import goods from China to India, but they do not know the procedure.  This article will help you with it. India is one of China’s greatest importers. Below are the old import statistics for [...]